The story behind The Malayan Council

The Malayan Council made its debut back in August 2015 by introducing its first outlet in Dunlop. Armed with a small budget and great passion, the restaurant was one of the very few Muslim eateries in the area and happened to be the first to introduce Malay fusion food which helped them establish a name amongst the locals. On top of that, the restaurant was located near a mosque, making it a convenient choice for Muslim diners. 

Two years later, the second outlet was born in Bussorah and unlike their experience with the first outlet, the area was a flourishing scene for halal cafes and restaurants – even till this day! So it’s really no surprise that this particular spot has remained to be the busiest ever since it opened its doors four years ago.

While The Malayan Council has successfully become a household name, they wanted to take things a step further by venturing beyond the halal food game. In August 2019, the latest outlet in Winstedt was opened as a wedding venue. That’s right – they’ve hosted over 20 weddings in 2020 alone and as the pandemic continues to recover, we can only imagine how many more weddings they’ll be throwing this year! To find out more, read till the end to see what their Winstedt outlet is all about.